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MyStart Toolbar is a browser extension packed with great features
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  • How can I uninstall MyStart IncrediMail?
    You can follow the indications provided by IncrediMail Ltd, the developer of the application. Also you can try using Revo Uninstaller. Even if it can't uninstall the application normally, it will force it to uninstall by wiping out all traces of its presence from the system. After that, try running AdwCleaner to make sure that there are no leftover rogue registry keys or toolbars in your system.


MyStart Toolbar is a browser extension that brings the functionality of your favorite social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, You Tube, MySpace, and LinkedIn to your fingertips. It allows any social media user to quickly access social sites with handy shortcuts, perform searches, read social news, and take advantage of the built-in social apps to interact with their friends on Facebook or Twitter.

In addition to social sites, MyStart Toolbar offer great entertainment features such as WebTV, online games, shopping, coupons, and more apps from the MyStart Apps collection. Also, MyStart Toolbar allows users to navigate the Web safely by protecting them from "phishing sites" (copycats of legitimate sites that steal your personal info) or "malware sites" designed to harm your computer.

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